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When women, girls, and non-binary filmmakers are better represented behind the scenes, they’re better reflected on the screen. That’s why Reel Stories is training the next generation of empowered filmmakers. Through collaborative, hands-on programs, we’re creating a pipeline of young women and non-binary youth with the skills they need to enter the film and media industry, and the confidence they need to succeed.

Across 1,135 content creators,


of Composers,

of Directors,

of Writers,

and of Producers

… were women.1

America has a serious media problem: 96% of feature films are directed by men. So it’s no surprise that for every 1 female speaking role in film, there are 2.18 male speaking parts. When we factor in race, the statistics are even more shocking: nearly half of the top-grossing movies in 2017 had zero Black female speaking characters, and two-thirds had zero representation of Asian women and Latinas.*

The only way these numbers are ever going to change is if more women step behind the camera and tell their own stories. Reel Stories creates a path for young women to make their own content and enter media careers. We empower our participants with the skills, experience, and connections to succeed in the industry and improve female representation behind and on screen.

1from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative’s 2019 study, “Inequality IN 1,200 Popular Films”

As a person of color and a woman with family members who have disabilities and are in foster care - I’ve witnessed the journeys of people who are not shown in media, and I can see my own people wanting representation. Film gives me the opportunity to give a voice to people who don’t have the platform.

Liz Tril"Choice" Institute filmmaker 2019 & Production Team member

Putting Your Voice First

Whether it’s a weekend animation workshop or a two-week summer camp, every Reel Stories program is focused on centering young women and girls’ voices. Working with real equipment and real industry professionals, participants are encouraged to create, write, direct, and edit their own stories within a supportive and collaborative space. Check out films made at Reel Stories →

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Comedy, drama, documentary, suspense, mystery, horror… we’ve got films you’ll love in every genre. Best of all, 100% of the films created at Reel Stories programs are written, directed, produced, and edited by women. Quite a few are award-winning, too. So grab the popcorn & some friends, then sit back and enjoy the show!


After multiple years of attending Reel Stories, I am now studying film at the Rhode Island School of Design. Reel Stories definitely gave me the skills I need to be successful here, as well as showing me that I can dream big despite my gender and that it is possible for me to be successful.

Sarah Bryant-ColeAlum & Summer Program Producer

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Reel Stories is creating a safe space where young women and non-binary people can come and express their ideas freely and make what they wanna make. They're educating young kids like me who want to go into this business so there can be more diversity in the business.

Vi SpencerStudent Board Member and Advanced Filmmaker

Change the Statistics

Want to see women and non-binary filmmakers represented behind the camera and on screen? Join Reel Stories in making that happen. We’re always looking for people to volunteer, companies to partner with, and projects to help turn into reality.



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