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A fun-filled 2.5 days of filmmaking & community building among women/non-binary creators. In just one weekend, you’ll get hands-on experience with storyboarding, directing, shooting & editing and work in a group to tell your own unique stories through film. Led by professionals, Women’s Weekend gives adult women/non-binary creators an opportunity to realize the potential of your stories while empowering your voice – your audience is waiting.


Open for filmmakers of all ages and genders, our panel discussions such as “Women of Color Screenwriters” allow for people to get an inside look into the world of filmmaking from experts.


In this 1 day workshop, 12-18 year old young women & non-binary youth get to discover animation’s infinite world of possibilities. Participants get to experiment with everything from paint-on-glass, claymation, pixelation, puppetry, & some tricks in After Effects. Walk away with more tools in your toolbox so that you can bring anything to life – with just a smartphone, camera or pen! Open to all skill levels


Young women & non-binary youth, ages 12-24, spend the day getting the inside scoop on how to build a successful YouTube channel! Learn how to grow your following, create high- quality content, & how to make a YouTube channel based on one’s own niche interests.

Change the Statistics

Want to see women represented behind the camera and on screen? Join Reel Stories in making that happen. We’re always looking for people to volunteer, companies to partner with, and projects to help turn into reality.



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