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“Subira” Film Review

By October 29, 2019Film Reviews

I recently had the honor to watch the film “Subira” and was blown away by how beautiful the shots were that introduced the film. The storyline and plot didn’t fail to impress me either. It is an incredible story of a young woman overcoming outside judgement and pressure to be a certain way. The main character lives in Kenya in a culture that has strict expectations and traditions of what women should do and how they should act. It is an incredible film of how a woman, Subira, overcomes those stereotypes and restraints. It was overall very inspiring and motivating. Not only is the cinematography beautiful but it sends a good, inspiring, and motivating message to young girls that they can do anything. It also introduces a culture that not many people know of and opens people’s eyes to the rest of the world. The director is from Kenya as well and represents her culture very well. I highly suggest to watch it when you get the chance.