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A Film With Purpose: Using What I Learned at Camp Reel Stories in the Real World

I am Mariah Papy and I am in love with making films.

I am also part of a service learning club where we, as a student committee, help create curriculum for each grade’s allotted service project time. My grade is dedicated to exploring poverty and homelessness in our community, and we are kicking off a clothing drive in the next couple of weeks. The two other lovely ladies and I working on this specific project were trying to find an interesting and creative way to get across the importance of donating. I suggested that we create a short 1 to 2 minute film and showing it to the students in our grade. They agreed that this would be more effective than yacking so I took it on.

Although I have done other film projects in school this year, I was super excited to get to create a video that would reach such a large and influential audience. The only problem I had was how to create something that would hold people’s attention span and not be too “preachy.” At first I was going to trying to focus on how donating clothes would help people create their own style (especially since most of the clothes are going to teens), but I felt it would shut out the largest reason for donating: the shear, bare necessity of clothing. I set my goal to create a film that hit all of the points on why you should donate and to do it in an accessible way for the students.

Here is the end product, I hope that you feel I have accomplished my goal!

 Mariah Papy is a two year participant of Camp Reel Stories: A Media Camp for Girls, previous intern, and Camp Reel Stories board member. She loves making film and singing in the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir. She is proud to be a part of such a wonderful and empowering camp for young women.  You  can see more of my work at: