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Inspiration for the Filmmakers of Camp Reel Stories: A Media Camp for Girls

By Norma Anaya

We can all say that Frozen was one of Disneys biggest movie hits, but many can not say why. I think  the reason is that the film director Jennifer Lee made it possible. There is a low percentage of women working in the film industry, and there are even less women who are female directors. But, as we can tell, female directors can make a blockbuster film just as a male director can! Frozen was a moving movie not only because it was a love story but because it was a sister love story. It was not your typical prince and princess storyline. Frozen was made in 2013 and to this day people still have “Frozen Fever”. Hence they have decided to make a short Frozen film in the new Cinderella movie and it was announced that Frozen 2 will be coming out. Probably not anytime soon, but hopefully the producers decide to keep Jennifer Lee. If she made a big hit with the first Frozen, what can stop her from making another phenomenal movie. This gives inspiration  to women that they can actually make a difference in how films are been seen and that women can make it to the top of the industry. It gave me a motivation to keep making films and to not let myself get put down because the film industry doesn’t seem to perceive men and women the same.